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Women Investors


Is Your Retirement Plan Prepared For Longevity?

Today women have been a primary focus of financial institutions marketing campaigns. It is a known fact that women live longer than men and therefore accumulate more wealth in the future. Historically, women as a group have been less equipped to manage finances as their partner. Times have changed and women now have a very strong influence in work the force. At The Astorino Financial Group, we have many professional women who are a very strong influence in the work force, are full-time mothers, and have a significant voice in money matters. Without their insight or wisdom many plans would not be complete.

The Astorino Financial team is male and female. That being said, our clientele is similar as we have both women and men who are ambassadors of the family wealth. Our dedicated team of professionals structure our financial plans to be client specific. We look at many factors for longevity such as the following:

  • Health history of parents
  • Age differences among couples
  • Timing of retirement
  • Career choice

We understand that there are different strengths in men and women when it comes to wealth management and investing. Also, we understand those strengths and apply them to each client. Our team acknowledges what may be burdensome for mothers, career women, widows, and divorcees in their own way. Each client’s needs are private and a privilege when it comes to our plan and guidance we give to them. 

Additionally, we have a specialist who can address the financial concerns of all genders and preferences. Our team operates and fosters a no judgement zone for consulting. Each member of the team cherishes the loyalty of each client who has chosen our firm to be their financial advocate.