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Tax Planning

What do you want to save?

  • We believe that investors must recognize it's not only what they earn that's important, it's what they keep. Taxes can erode wealth dramatically, which is why we're determined to help your money remain with you and your family.
  • To this end, The Astorino Financial Group partners with some of the best specialists in tax law and accounting. In the ever-evolving arena of federal and state tax codes, these relationships help us identify optimum resource allocations and investment opportunities to help reduce clients' tax burdens.
  • For example, working with our expert associates, we are able to help expand the value of our clients' wealth through deductions, tax deferrals, sophisticated retirement plans, trusts, family limited partnerships, overseas investments, and other entities.
  • Both businesses and individuals can benefit from our effective and coordinated tax savings plans. Our efforts are continual and we remain on the lookout for tax savings opportunities all year long—not just at tax time. By taking our clients' tax situations as seriously as our own, we provide comprehensive financial planning.