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Estate Planning

What do you want to last?

  • Most likely, among your most important dreams is helping your loved ones not just survive but thrive in the future. Planning ahead now will empower you and your loved ones with options later. Conversely, not planning can cost your loved ones a fortune and leave countless dreams unfulfilled. It's as simple as that—and we can help ensure that your outcome and your loved ones' future are positive.
  • The Astorino Financial Group designs creative strategies that can help you achieve your near-term financial goals, provide income to live on, create tax benefits, and provide for your loved ones.
  • From planning the succession of a business to distributing personal wealth, we follow time-tested estate planning strategies and customize them to your wishes.
  • We partner with the some of the most qualified attorneys, tax accountants, insurance agents, and pension specialists to provide you with expert advice and confidence in the future.
  • A sound financial plan should not be limited to one's lifetime and you can expect us to give you the power to control the future of your finances. This is part of our commitment to putting clients first and providing financial planning.