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Divorce Transition

How We Work

Divorce can be a tiring and even daunting time for most couples. While families try to figure out details such as defining an equitable split of resources, valuing assets, and how to maneuver the emotional challenges of the transition, there are still many other specifics that need attention that do not always immediately come to the surface.

As critical as it is to have a reliable divorce lawyer to help individuals through the process, it is equally important to have an experienced and trustworthy financial professional in your team from the beginning of the divorce process. Solid information and expert analysis provided by a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®️) can be invaluable in helping all parties make informed decisions that takes into account the short term and long term effects of dividing property, integrating tax issues, analyzing pension and retirement plans, and even evaluating whether or not the client can afford to continue living in the matrimonial home.

A CDFA®️ can look at short term and long-term implications of potential financial scenarios, help develop a budget, determine the cost of child care and education, and can also act as an expert witness if the couple goes to court.

In line with our customized care and personal attention to our clients’ every need, at The Astorino Financial Group, we also provide experienced and qualified support to our clients during this challenging time. Hazel Secco, our incumbent Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, is available to support you during a divorce transition.

We even keep a psychologist on retainer, should you wish to seek additional support.

If you or someone you love is about to be divorced and needs a qualified professional on his or her team, please call us. We are here to help.