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College Planning

How We Work

At The Astorino Financial Group, we know all too well how saving up for college can be challenging. Most families do not begin looking into saving for college until their children have well approached college age, and unfortunately, end up missing out on the benefit of having time on their side.

With proper planning and the right professional guidance, saving for college can become a much less stressful task, giving you control of your finances and your children’s educational destiny.

Our President and Founder, Frank, put his own good advice to use when he learned that he and his wife, Debbie, were having triplets. While Debbie was preparing for birth, Frank was putting pen to paper and coming up with a plan to put four kids through college (the triplets, in addition to their first child). Quickly, he realized that they would have to raise over a million dollars by the time the kids were college-bound.

He came up with a strategy that the whole family committed to. This plan was a mixture of reducing spending, saving more, having 529 college savings plans, Roth IRAs, UTMA accounts (Tax-free financial gifts) and more.

We offer experienced guidance to our clients, utilizing sophisticated technology, lifestyle considerations, and a thorough understanding of financial tools. We want our clients to feel confident that they can support their children through their educational journey without sacrificing their family’s current peace or burdening their future retirement savings.

If you or someone you love is about to become a parent or has young children, now is the time to start thinking about college planning.

Please give us a call. We are here to help.