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The Astorino Financial Group | by Pamira Bezmen Photography

The Astorino Financial Group | by Pamira Bezmen Photography

April 17, 2020
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We are so grateful to Pamira Bezmen for photographing us and our firm. Please read the blog below that she posted about The Astorino Financial Group.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to The Astorino Financial Group and share some images from our corporate branding photo-shoot.  Meeting Frank has been one of the greatest gifts of 2019 for me, and I am excited to share with you what I’ve learned from him about financial planning and why every single one of us needs to be thinking about working with a professional who is not only experienced and has proven to stand the test of time, but also possesses the humanity to treat us as the unique individuals that we are.

Chances are, many of you already know Frank and his family, as he grew up in Essex Fells, being one of the 8 Astorino children.  He and his wife Debbie moved next-door to North Caldwell when they had their triplets.  Frank has been an integral part of the community ever since, active in philanthropy, education, and as a Councilman.

Frank’s passion for financial planning and his love of people came together under one umbrella when he opened his own practice in 1986.  His motto has always been and still is: Putting Clients First.

The Astorino Financial Group offers highly personalized wealth management, financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, philanthropic strategies, longevity planning, divorce transition services, college planning, employee benefits, and more.  But what makes The Astorino Financial Group significantly distinguished in the industry is not what they do, but how they do it.  Before they even start talking about your financials, Frank and his team seriously care about WHO YOU are.

Every relationship begins with understanding your passions, your life-style, how you live today and how you want to be living into the future.  Your priorities, family structure, age, health, and expectations from life play into what kind of financial plan they recommend to you.  The team at The Astorino Financial Group walks you through the scenarios, why and how they may work for you, and what you need to know to make an informed decision about your investments.  Educating clients so that they feel empowered in their choices is an integral part of what they do.

It is no surprise that many clients choose to work with The Astorino Financial Group year after year, not only based on the performance of their portfolios, but primarily because of this connection and trust.  Some Astorino clients are third and fourth generation, which is proof of Frank and his team’s continued and consistent delivery on what matters most.

The Astorino Financial Group employs a diverse group of professionals who span a wide knowledge and experience base, from corporate executives to retirement, estate-planning to women-centric advice that is specific to women investors and longevity.

While The Astorino Financial Group uses complex, state-of-the-art technology to help clients attain their financial goals, they also offer a full arsenal of easy-to-use modern tools that clients can use on their own on a daily basis to get their financials under control and to improve their own understanding of their habits.  With all their financial assets, liabilities and investments at their finger-tips, Astorino clients are able to get a thorough understanding of where they are relative to their goals, and what adjustments are necessary.  As a result, clients and Astorino advisors work as a team, focused on the same goals.

Frank’s advice for clients is to:

Take the time to interview your potential financial advisor to ensure that their philosophies and value proposition match your values and priorities

Prioritize your time to be with your family and pursue your life’s passions.

Delegate managing money to a capable professional who understands your values and whom you trust.

If you are ready to get professional advice on wealth management, you can find The Astorino Financial Group at or, on Facebook at @Astorino Financial Group, or call them at (973) 575-1403.

The original article and a selection of images from our photo shoot were published in the March 2020 issue of the Essex Fells Magazine.