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Philanthropic Solutions

A Smarter Way to Give to Charity

We recognize and promote the ability to give back to the community and charitable causes. We also have the experience to utilize philanthropic instruments to optimize retirement income, eliminate capital gains, attain a tax deduction, leave a legacy and still not disinherit family members. This area of planning is often a pinnacle of achievement for clients when surplus has a multiplier effect on personal and public wealth. We also have affiliation with premiere social responsible investment platforms that can foster environmental improvement, social and governance programs.

Recent changes in the tax laws may Tax-Friendly Philanthropyhave a negative impact on your taxable donations. Despite this, there are structured giving vehicles that can help reduce your tax burden. These include:

  • Donor-advised funds
  • Private foundations
  • Charitable trusts

No matter how much you want to give, our team can help you with philanthropic activities that focus on tax and estate planning advantages.

Identify Credible Nonprofits

Looking for charities that have a solid reputation for accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility? We can help. After all, you want to make sure your donations are used wisely. We have access to a variety of online and offline resources that can help find nonprofits that match your goals, passions and values.

Give With Confidence

We know there's more to charitable giving than the obvious tax benefits. Like you, we know the value of supporting worthy causes and to leaving a legacy. Let our team of socially-minded financial planners provide you with a balanced approach to reaching your philanthropic goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services.