Planned Giving

What do you want to give?

  • Many of our clients want to memorialize a loved one or contribute to a cherished cause in their lives. The Astorino Financial Group helps fulfill altruistic goals while enabling clients to reap key benefits. This includes reducing immediate tax burdens and potentially increasing retirement income.
  • We use many kinds of trusts to aim to accomplish these objectives. In the past, these trusts were reserved for the wealthy, but we make them available to our clients through a Planned Giving program.
  • We take a holistic approach to Planned Giving. We work to ensure that the individuals and philanthropic groups you have selected will fully benefit from your generosity. We also strive to provide you with vital benefits—from immediate tax savings to guaranteed income investments to long-term estate tax savings.
  • The satisfaction of sharing wealth can be as rewarding as creating and saving it. That's why we're dedicated to helping you do well by doing good. This is part of our commitment to putting clients first and providing comprehensive financial planning.